Our Coach

Our Coach

We are very lucky to have Coach Chang Ho Sung. His world-class peers including national team coaches stand behind his unique talent and credentials:

1) He has demonstrated the magic of being able to teach wide range of ages and skill levels from kindergartners just learning to skate to high schoolers preparing for World Championships.

2) Coach Chang is not only a world-class skater and a coach himself, but he is one of the rare coaches who can maintain equipment to maximize the performance, experience, and safety. He is highly regarded for his ability to select types and brands of equipment to optimize the performance of the skaters based on physical attributes and skating styles.

He coached the Korean Junior National Team that competed in Italy Courmayeur in 2010-11 World Junior Short Track Stating Championships. The athletes include Seo Yi Ra and Cheon Hee Jung who captured multiple gold medals. He also produced the most athletes qualifying for Korean Junior National Team competing for this World Junior Speed Skating Championships.

Coach Chang Ho Sung w/ Maame
Coach Chang Ho Sung is providing tips to Maame Biney.